I was born and raised in France in the late 70’s by a wonderful and loving single Mom. I grew up in a low-income neighborhood and always was an optimistic idealist. In my 20’s my friends often tried to hold me closer to the ground because they could not see what I was perceiving. I worked harder and harder not because I ought to but because I believed in my still blurry but strong vision. In 2007, I emigrate to the United States and established my life and my business.

My passion for coaching manifested in 2005, when I enlisted my first coach at age 28 years in Paris, France. It was an intriguing and powerful process reserved at the time to a limited audience of executives of top 40 companies. The process helped me to uncover the person I knew I had the potential to be and discovered a realm of unlimited opportunities. In 2010, two events lead me to believe I would stay in America for a chapter of my life. My longtime boyfriend announced he would move as well in the US after 4 years of long distance relationship, and I finally felt myself embracing the American culture enough to design a new life here. I sought the path to become an Executive Coach to hold the space for leaders – which can be anyone who has the desire to lead by choice whether the choices are related to life, career, team, relationships, or organization – wanting to experience growth and transformation in their career, their life, and their organization.

Here are a few things that will help you to know me better:


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As someone aspiring to be a trainer and future coach, Belinda’s credentials, professionalism, and expertise stood out from our first interaction. I was looking for a coach to help me self-assess, course correct, and, ultimately, get hired into a new position. Belinda could quickly and concisely identify the critical areas where I was struggling and then modeled processes to work through those areas that I could duplicate on my own. While I expected assistance progressing through the career search, I was surprised at the amount of practical “life” knowledge gained such as energy management, situation recognition, and strategies to perform better in challenging situations. As a result of Belinda’s coaching, I’m more self-confident, a better leader, and a better person. Even more exciting, I just received an offer for a position I’d long been working towards — the rewarding culmination of a challenging job hunt. I highly recommend Belinda for anyone searching for a quick and significant career boost, whether in the same job or transition. Once I’m ready for my next step, I’ll be engaging Belinda again as I try to transition into a coach as she modeled all the best qualities I want to emulate. Thanks, Belinda!

Scott Krouse, Organizational Development and Training Advisor, Orange County Government

It was an amazing coaching experience I’ve had with Talentis. I’d liked the authenticity of Belinda at every moment of 4 days training program. Belinda’s energy is incredible and she managed to really open new mindsets in many of us. I would recommend Belinda in case you would like to reactivate your career, even life. Thank you again. Eva

Eva Šundrica, National Account Manager, L’Oréal Czech Republic

Belinda is simply a fantastic coach…. She drove me through a change in my career, she empowered me to find my “ways” and I moved straight toward my goals. I saw myself evolve over our sessions, and becoming the leader I wanted to be. Belinda has this ability to awake the best of a person by simple inquiries and key questions, everything is so natural that you do not even realize it is a coaching session. If opportunity is given to you to have an executive coach, go with Belinda, and make the best of it!

Carole B., Head of Travel Agencies Level 2 support, Global IT Group

I wholeheartedly recommend Belinda MJ Brown for career coaching. She has helped me grow more than I ever thought possible from a coach. When I first decided to make a career change from Education, I had no idea in what direction to start. Not knowing how to proceed, I decided to look for a career coach on LinkedIn and Belinda responded right away. What I found interesting is that she not only wanted to ensure I was a good fit for her, but that she was a good fit for me. We had a phone call to discuss what my needs were and how she could help me in my process. I immediately realized she had a well thought out plan for how to make the coaching most effective to work for me. Belinda guided me through a very thorough self-evaluation, which helped to narrow down the fields of work that would not only interest me but bring my strengths to light. The evaluation also showed areas for me to work on that might have been blind spots to my progress. Belinda spent time ensuring I understood this evaluation and answered any questions that came up. Once we completed that, Belinda spent time ensuring my resume was reflective of my skills and strengths that arose as a result of the evaluation. What Belinda offered as a coach was so much more than coaching – it was a very personal connection. She demonstrated this time and time again as she listened to my concerns, always reflecting on our previous conversations. She was very easy to talk to, always offering up methods for me to work through the difficulties and always asking first if she could offer her advice. Her approach was not to give answers, but to help me derive my own answers – true coaching. As a result of the coaching, I have learned several things: what seems like the insurmountable task of career change can be accomplished with the right coach; self-confidence can go a very long way in being your best self; and most importantly, career coaching is not just about strengthening/changing your career, but about self-reflecting on the person you are; it’s paramount to find the coach that will bring out your best. Belinda is a dedicated professional who goes the extra lengths to ensure her clients achieve what they set out to achieve through coaching. She takes feedback extremely well and is always looking to grow herself. When I was going through financial difficulty, Belinda continued to work with me, as she wanted to ensure I could still achieve my career goals. I could not have asked for a better coach through this whole process. For anyone on the fence about career coaching, I can truly say it has made all the difference in the world for me. If you’re lucky enough to have Belinda as your coach, you are in the best hands.

Lisa Anne Zoldi, Senior Specialist- Instructional Designer, Charles Schwab

Belinda has assisted me to reconnect with my inner self, to remember my core values and to use those as my guiding force in my life.  She has helped me gain awareness to my weaknesses and most importantly how other people perceive my behavior.  Some of the things people think about me are not who I am at all but it was all about how I was acting – not listening (and didn’t know it), being too direct and too serious all the time. I learned active listening skills and to adjust my communication style to other people. I realized that I did not even really have to change myself – you just need to acknowledge and be aware of your own behaviors or habits. I have also learned to have some of the “courageous conversations” that are imperative to being a successful leader.  All in all, the experience of executive coaching has been a life changer for me and I have Belinda to thank for that!  I will recommend Belinda to all of my friends and leaders.

Shelli Girard, Sr Manager, Seagate Technologies

Belinda were my mirror during the sessions…I learned to face myself. I learned to watch myself. I learned to appreciate the balance of my reflection. I learned to make up with my imperfections… to become a beautiful image that appeals to me ! Then I learned to do it myself at home ! I learned to question myself to carry out what looks like a problem… It might seem simple but I would not be able to reach that motto «Go ahead!!! Go again!!! you are stronger. » without the coaching of Belinda.


Mathilde Vergeau, Project Manager IT, Altran

I was coming out of a burnout and was just leaving a state of high anxiety – which I wanted to quit. At the same time. I knew I wanted to change the direction of my professional life, but was unable to create any steps to move forward. This was greatly affecting my private life – mostly in handling a relationship. I felt stuck and wanted to move forward.
It was a third attempt to say yes to coaching, after two failed experiences… I brought a big challenge for Belinda and she actually took a very different approach than the previous ones to challenge me.
Because of my work with Belinda I have managed to get over anxiety, to recover fully from this burnout. Whenever I “FEEL” I am able to analyze the causes of my emotions and try to understand them. I am capable to rely more on my intuition, and this helps me a lot in my daily life. I have the confidence that what I have been looking for is waiting for me, and has never been so close. I just have to accomplish a few final steps to obtain it.
I certainly have traveled a long way – by growing more over 9 month than over the past 9 years! I’m really grateful for Belinda’s help.

Anne-Laure Charron

Belinda is an amazing professional coach. The qualities Belinda that stood out to me are; encouragement, empowerment, listening, empathy, compassion and an open mind. All of these qualities I saw in Belinda, showed up for me as I realized I had the same qualities. I learned communication, confidence, assertiveness, listening and to make choices in my personal life, my professional career as well as establishing quality relationships and leadership skills.

Working with Belinda has empowered and encouraged me to be a quality leader. I now share these qualities with others.

Barbara Rella, Supervisor, Wyhdham