Executive Coach & Women Success Expert

2011 to present

I am a certified executive coach and women success expert. While Equanimity Executive, LLC offer its services to a wide range of individuals and organizations, I specialize in assisting women, diverse and emerging leaders and their global organizations successfully enhance their performance in a wide range of areas including leadership transformation and organizational development. I developed an expertise in empowering women to transcend themselves and let go of the self-limitations they unconsciously imposed on themselves.

Belinda MJ Brown Forbes Coaches CouncilI am a thought leader for Forbes Coaches Council and contribute monthly with relevant articles.


I designed a proprietary process to support exponential growth and transformation called ACE IT


Our Process

ACE IT™ Process

My initial niche was male leaders and their global organizations successfully enhance their performance in a wide range of areas including leadership transformation and organizational development. I quickly realized my clientele became more feminine and since I have been dedicating my energy and my research in developing a model to empower Women and Global Leaders. I consults with companies in the areas of organizational development, talent development and diversity management.

My areas of focus can be put into 3 general topics:

  1. Self-Awareness, Communication and Personal Branding
  2. Women Leadership Development
  3. Leadership in a Globalized and Diverse Environment

My extensive background and experience has proven to be of extreme value for my individual and corporate clients. Some of my work consists of debunking myths and addressing real challenges encountered by my female and diverse clients in the corporate environment. By becoming self-aware, developing communication skills and embracing their uniqueness, my clients can develop strategies and create new opportunities for personal growth, career success and organizational change.

My passion lies in empowering women and diverse leaders to BE who they are wherever they are so corporate cultures can shift and embrace feminine leadership and diversity development as powerful skills.


Founder & Creative Empowerment Officer - Equanimity Executive, LLC

2011 to present

After 15 years spent in leadership roles in various industries, both in European and American multinational organizations, I chose to open my own coaching practice, Equanimity Executive to assists diverse and emerging leaders to grow and transform not only their organizations but the community through high authentic performance, employees and teams engagement and clients’ satisfaction.

I went from a high paying corporate position to a solopreneur one and experienced loneliness, a highly competitive arena and limited financial results due to the fact the coaching industry is not regulated and extremely fragmented. This lead me to looking for creative solutions and design opportunities to expand my practice to an enterprise level. Since November 2014, I am a client of the UCF Business Incubation Program and my vision is to transform the coaching marketplace to support coaches who evolve in a highly fragmented market (92% of sole proprietors) while meeting the demand of corporations seeking for highly qualified professional coaches to support sustainable organization change.

The next couple of years will be dedicated to design the pre-scale structure for my organization and to develop and validate a prototype.


Director - ICF-CF

2015 to present

Programming Chair- Incoming President - Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce

2016 to present

Facilitator of the COP Coaching - GOOD Network

2016 to present

The past few years, I have been actively contributing to several organizations. I am the Director of the ICF Central Florida – Orlando Branch and serve as incoming President for the Lake Nona Regional Chamber Of Commerce. I also facilitate the Coaching Community Of Practice for the GOOD Network. Those experiences are giving me the opportunity to give back to the community and mentor others.